Certain preparations must be completed prior to fireplace installation. These preparations differ depending on the climate conditions of your area and are not included in the installation labor cost. Failure to complete these preparations before the scheduled installation will result in a delay of installation and/or additional cost for extra trips as necessary.

Please review the installation expectations below carefully.

Cold Climate Preparation

What You Do...

Preparation needed for fireplace installation in cold climate areas (MI, MN, and WI) that is not included in the installation labor cost:

  • Exact placement marked at site and/or rough framing completed before scheduled installation date.
  • A base for the fireplace is built to the proper height in place at the site before scheduled installation date.
  • Chases must be fire stopped to the State Code requirements with 3/8" plywood (every 8'- 10') with proper draft blocking. (View chase construction details)
  • All exterior walls (including garage walls) must be insulated with vapor barrier and sheetrock (including back and side walls of exterior chases) to the fire stop level before scheduled installation date.

What We Do...

Fireside Hearth & Home employs our exclusive installation crews, all of whom have five years minimum fireplace installation experience.

All of our installations include placement of the fireplace on a prepared base. Installing outside air kit and duct, running chimney or vent sections with offset/return elbows (if necessary), fire stop spacer flanges (in a prepared fire stop barrier) and radiation/insulation shield, cutting holes as required to maintain proper clearances and placing insulation around this shield. Cutting holes as required maintaining proper clearances and place insulation around this shield at the first fire stop or attic space. Installation of the fan and electrical junction box (wiring to the junction box is by others), installation of the glass doors and installation of flashing or chase top (guaranteed weather tight) and chimney rain cap.

Gas fireplace installation includes the above, along with a return trip to adjust the burner and ensure proper operation, and to review basic operating instructions with the homeowner. Gas installations do not include running gas lines, pressure testing, and gas hook-up to the unit. Wiring for the fan is by others.

All installations are performed per manufacturer's recommendations and installation instructions and to conform to all local and State Codes.

Traditional Preparation

What You Do...

Preparation needed for fireplace installation that is not included in the installation labor cost:

  • Any exterior fireplace chase must be properly constructed before the scheduled installation date. (View chase construction details)
  • For any interior fireplace applications, the exact location of the fireplace must be clearly marked.
  • Framing must allow for adequate clearance for flue to exit the home. This includes floor and roof joists and trusses or any applicable exterior walls. The path of our venting must comply with the minimums and maximums set forth in the installation instructions for your fireplace. Please verify requirements before job begins.
  • If your fireplace is to be raised, a framed platform must be constructed and in place before the date of installation.

What We Do...

An investment in having Fireside Hearth & Home install your fireplace means that it will be installed by professional installers who follow strict standards that far exceed the manufacturer's requirements!

Our installations include proper placement of the fireplace, flue components, fire stop spacers, wall shields, and flashings. We will cut necessary penetrations (in non structural or load bearing framing) and reframe for our wall shield penetrations. All components will be installed carefully and safely maintaining all proper clearances.

Fireside Hearth & Home also offers optional insulation packages for the fireplace chase. By having us also professionally insulate the chase, we can properly prevent cold air problems for your homebuyers.

Gas fireplace installations also include an additional trip for us to perform a 12-point start up and safety check.

Fireside Hearth & Home Installations conform to State and local building codes and meet or exceed all manufacturer's requirements and installation instructions!

*Please note that although very thorough, the plumbing of gas lines, framing of the chase, and the electrical wiring to the fireplace are the responsibility of the builder and/or other trades.

Chase Construction Details

Quality makes the difference! We pride ourselves in providing top quality service and time saving efficiency to our builders.

Since your time is very valuable, proper coordination and timely expedition are vital. When building a chase, consider an extension of the outside wall. To help improve this process, we have included the following chase construction checklist for use prior to scheduling fireplace installation:

  • Frame your chase to accommodate the particular fireplace model you will be using. Usually an overall dimension of 2' deep by 4' wide is sufficient. Confirm dimensions with your Fireside Hearth & Home Representative.
  • Please locate your load bearing header at the ceiling level and frame down from there with non-bearing framing. This will allow adequate room for our installation team to properly and safely install all components.
  • Frame the actual width and height of the fireplace opening to the specifications of your fireplace model.
  • If the fireplace is to be raised, a framed platform must be constructed and in place before the date of installation.
  • All chases must be insulated. To ensure this is done properly and safely, it should be done before the installation of the fireplace. As a service to our builder customers, Fireside Hearth & Home offers optional insulation programs. Please consult your Fireside Hearth & Home representative.
  • For homeowner aesthetics, please center the chase between any windows or center it on the wall.

For Wood Burning Fireplaces

  • Chase must contain a plywood deck firestop/draft stop at every 8' or floor level. Our installation team will cut firestop penetrations as necessary allowing for proper clearances.
  • We ask for a minimum of 2' x 2' for the flue chase. This allows for adequate clearance and enough room to properly do our work.
  • Construct the top of the chase with a plywood decking. This will make for a more structurally sound chase and will ensure that our flashing will not sag should there be heavy snow loads, etc.
  • Chase top should be framed with an additional "band board" to turn our flashing down over. This will allow for future drip edge. Band Board should be thicker than any future chase finishing material.

The chase construction process should be completed with appropriate lead-time. We pride ourselves in offering builders efficient and convenient fireplace installations and appreciate assistance in accomplishing this.

It is our goal to ensure your happiness with the products and services of fireside Hearth & Home. We realize that our existence depends upon our ability to listen, understand and respond to your needs as well as those or your customers. If we fail to meet your standards in any or these areas, please let us know of your suggestions. Thank you.