If you have a wood, pellet, or gas free-standing stove that was installed 20+ years ago, it’s likely time for an upgrade. We can remove your aged stove and replace it with an updated model that’s beautiful, convenient and much more efficient.

Why replace a new free-standing stove?

  • Advanced world-class technologies
  • Extended burn times
  • Cleaner burns
  • Less clean up and outside air particulates are greatly reduced.

Examples of today’s free-standing stoves technologies are Quadra Fire’s Four Point Quad-Burn system and Harman’s FireDome Technology for wood-burning stoves, and Quadra Fire’s Advanced Energy and Harman’s Pellet Pro System for pellet-burning stoves.

And because Quadra-Fire and Harman Stoves are non-catalytic, their performance does not diminish over time. That’s why your next stove may very well be your last.

Upgrade your stove today!

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