Outdoor Living Grows More Sophisticated Making a Home's Interior and Exterior a Complete Package

People are extending the comfort and luxury of their homes into the great outdoors, and the result is the popular trend called the "outdoor room."

Popularity yields full-featured products as consumer interest in the outdoor room continues to grow, Hearth, patio and barbecue manufacturers are developing stylish, full-featured products to enhance the comfort, convenience and pleasure of entertaining or relaxing outside, no matter the climate or season. Manufacturers now have extensive product lines that can help extend a home’s living space both literally and visually. There are barbecues and fireplaces in all sizes and styles, from simple to high-tech, and plush (or sleek) patio furniture and accessories to help set any mood.

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Living rooms by the numbers
There is no shortage of great reasons to create an outdoor living room; increased curb appeal, more space for entertaining and a heightened "fun factor". Another great reason to explore outdoor living rooms is this: they're a great buy.

$100/Square Foot†
On average, the cost of building finished inside space is around $100 a square foot.

$20/Square Foot†
Even with options like grills and fireplaces, outdoor living rooms cost around $20 a square foot or around 1/5 the cost of space inside the house.

On average, outdoor living spaces increase appraisal values at a full one-to-one ratio.

$6/month for every $1000 invested*
An outdoor living room created with products from the LifeStyle Collection is a permanent feature of the home but adds very little to a mortgage payment. Spread it out over 30 years, and the result is a whole lot of bang for the buck!

† Based on national averages
* Based on a 30-year fixed mortgage at 6% interest