Dear Fireside,

I am writing to tell you about my recent experience with Fireside. We have a Heatilator fireplace that was installed when our house was built in 1993. We added a fan kit from Fireside several years ago but still didn’t feel that the output was sufficient. A few years back I had a gas leak from my stove and when the serviceman came out to check he also checked each gas appliance and found some carbon monoxide being emitted from the fireplace. We weren’t ready to replace the fireplace so we just never used it.

This year we decided we needed to deal with the fireplace and were afraid we would have to replace everything. I stopped in to the new Tamarack Village location and when we told Mary that we were Direct Buy customers she had to find out how that was handled through Fireside, which she did right away and referred us to the builder division and Jamie Shea. Jamie stopped out and quickly determined that the fan wasn’t positioned properly for optimal benefit and thought that perhaps the glass needed to be replaced, but he was sure that the fireplace itself was in very good condition and wouldn’t need to be replaced. He thought on it some more and stopped by again on his way through and determined that the real problem was the failure of the gasket – it was completely broken and missing in several areas. He ordered a new gasket and put it in for us. He also suggested that we have a service tech come out and repaint inside and check everything over to make sure we were at optimal use and that the carbon monoxide problem was resolved. Kevin, the service tech. was out this week and did all that and we are good to go. The fireplace functions well and now heats the large room easily and it now looks beautiful as well.

We received exemplary service from Jamie who replaced only what really needed replacing and didn’t try to sell us things we didn’t need. This is rare in this day and time and was greatly appreciated by us. Jamie was so ethical and honest as to what was really wrong and how to fix it.

So naturally we are enthusiastic customers of Fireside and tell everyone we know about our experience and that they should contact Fireside with all fireplace issues. Because I felt that Jamie’s service to us was so extraordinary and above and beyond what I could ever hope to expect, I wanted to write to you and tell you about it.