After you’ve chosen the perfect hearth product for your home, we work closely with you to manage the installation process. Our installers specialize in fireplace, insert and stove installations – it’s all they do. They are professionals who treat your home with respect, including protecting your floors with drop cloths and minimizing disruption by working in a tidy manner and thoroughly cleaning up when the job is complete.

A typical installation involves the following steps:

  • Installation verification visit. Prior to installing your new fireplace, insert or stove, we visit your home to assess the location for the hearth product, evaluate venting and/or chimney requirements, verify electrical or gas sources, and confirm measurements to ensure a smooth installation. This step also includes obtaining building permits on your behalf.
  • Installation. We professionally install your fireplace, insert or stove with related mechanics and surrounding features.
  • Inspection. A representative from your local municipal or county inspector’s office visits your home to inspect the installation. Depending on the type of installation and location requirements, additional inspections may be required.
  • Start up. Our installers perform the start-up process with you. This includes prepping and lighting the unit, demonstrating how it operates, reviewing features and benefits, and providing maintenance tips.